Undergraduate Programmes of Study

The Faculty of Engineering supports seven five-year undergraduate programmes (300 ECTS), all leading to an Integrated Master's in Engineering degree.

Information on the current programmes of study is posted on the relevant websites of the School's Departments:

The Faculty of Engineering during the academic year 2021-2022 established an Undergraduate Studies Committee that prepared a report on the state of the Studies with proposals for their improvement with special emphasis on the interoperability of the curricula 

Post-graduate Programmes of Study

Postgraduate studies, particularly the doctoral cycle, have a long history in the Faculty of Engineering and are fully intertwined with the strong research and development character of the Faculty.

In recent years, several postgraduate programmes (Master level) have also been developed, mainly of an interdisciplinary nature in areas of specialisation. These programmes aim to deepen knowledge and develop skills in specialised areas of the individual departments' fields of knowledge, either exclusively in their subject areas or in more extended interdisciplinary areas.

During the academic year 2021-2022, an effort was made to record the current status of the postgraduate programmes of study and to prepare a report with proposals for improving the operation and coordination of the programmes of study, in view of the completion of the five-year cycle of the programmes, which is the end of the academic year 2022-2023, as well as the activation of the institution of the Faculty's Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), which aims to evaluate the postgraduate and doctoral programmes of study of the Faculty.

This included the following steps:

(a) Mapping of key characteristics of the Programs with input from all departments of the School

(b) Preparation of a report of proposals for the development of graduate and doctoral studies by a committee established by decision of the Dean's Office.

The Postgraduate Studies Programmes aim to further the advancement of scientific knowledge, as well as the promotion of research, taking into account the country's development prospects. The Departments of the Faculty of Engineering award Postgraduate Diplomas (M.Sc.) and collaborate with recognized institutions abroad for the operation of joint Postgraduate Programmes. The application is submitted electronically through the "Electronic Secretariat" service. Candidate postgraduate students can submit their application in digital form.

Summary of postgraduate and doctoral studies at the University of Patras School of Engineering

Total number of Departments: 6

Total number of Postgraduate-Doctoral Programmes 17

  • Doctoral Programmes of Studies: 6
  • Postgraduate Programmes: 11 (4 signle-, 7 inter-departmental)

Total number of Master's-Doctoral students (academic year 2021-2022) 1061

  • Doctoral programme students: 738 (70%)
  • Postgraduate Programme students: 738 (30%)

Report of the Postgraduate Studies Committee (prepared in June 2022)

More information on the Postgraduate Programmes of the Faculty of Engineering on the relevant departmental websites: